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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hard copy of Wikipedia

Some students in English already printed out some volumes of Wikipedia. As we know, Wikipedia contains million of articles wrote by independent writer, and you can take part of it. Because of its popularity, people try to find ways to take benefit to print and sell it as hard cover version. If you have an idea like this, you can also do this.

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Rob Matthews is one such smart guy. He has print Wikipedia in hard cover version which contains over 5,000 pages and it’s a compilation of just over 400 articles, all picked from Wikipedia. This hard cover version of Wikipedia is 1 ft 7 inch high. Do you know what Rob Matthews did is just printed out 0.01% of Wikipedia’s total pages, so you can buy and read it offline. This means, if the entire Wikipedia web edition is converted to hard cover copy, it would have an estimated 50,000,000 (50 millions) pages. Amazing! Isn't it?

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