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Friday, November 27, 2009

MODERN TOILET Restaurant - Hong Kong

"MODERN TOILET" is a restaurant located in the heart of Hong Kong. Like it's name suggests, the entire restaurant takes place in the bathroom scene. There are no chairs to sit on in this modern-day dining spot. Instead you have toilet bowls to squat on as you eat your appetizer in a mini urinal. One would find themselves surrounded by the familiar dull yellow, green and white checkered tiles around the walls. A set of 2 bathtubs and shower nozzles are set off to the side to give spectators the true feel of the restroom scene, with common toiletries such as soap, towels and mats to entertain one's eye. Glass tables are set atop porcelain sinks while enormous plungers dance with feces-shaped lights that hang down from the ceiling.

Cultured entrees are held withing mini toilets or mini bathtubs, depending on the type of meal. Drinks are sipped from urinals. And elaborate and enormous desserts were served in urinals of even larger sizes. There was no question this restaurant was one of a kind with almost every guest recording the memory with photos.